Poker Stars

Once you become a member of poker society, you can’t help going crazy about poker stars. The poker stars are a proof that poker savvy can really work, and you can maximize your poker IQ as well. The poker stars, dubbed the poker gurus, are the most recognizable authorities of poker society, and they can be found in different poker tournaments such as The World Poker Tour or The World Series of Poker.

The poker stars have become regular heroes of the top-rated TV shows and some directors even embark on special films devoted to the poker society and the poker stars. Poker stars are not comprised of male players only. Despite poker is deemed the game for men, you may meet some female gamblers who have made brilliant careers in poker. One of such women is a beauty Annie Duke, also known as the Duchess of Poker.

Phil Laak, a recent member of poker stars society was called “Unabomber” in honor of a convicted American terrorist and this nickname really reflects his behavior during the poker game, which includes doing push-ups, running around the table and even peeking over the dealer’s shoulder. “Life for me is all about happiness and freedom; and playing smart poker, antic free or with a little goofing about, all falls under the umbrella of life,” Laak said in the interview to

Other poker stars society newcomer is Josh Arieh, who pulled down $2.5 million for his third-place finish at World Series of Poker 2004, but is more notorious for his blatant behavior during the game – blaring headphones and copious trash talk. However Arieh claims he is not bad boy of poker. “Everybody that knows me away from poker; and even people who know me in poker, know that I have a lot of class. I’m very respectful – but look, we’re playing for five million dollars,” Arieh told

The other famous poker stars, who proved their star status in a tough competition, are Phil Hellmuth, Daniel Negreanu etc. However, many poker stars are better known due to their theoretical works. Thus, the poker society newcomers are always recommended to study poker and basics reading the poker books by David Sklansky, Doyle Brunson, Mike Caro etc.